I’m Here. Now.

We are always waiting for something.

For the weekend. For the summer. For graduation. For a better job. To turn 18. To turn 21. To be in better shape. For a night out with friends. For a relationship. For marriage. For our first child. For a breakthrough.

I don’t know about you, but I am guilty of this. I am constantly waiting on something. Watching, waiting, and living for what is to come. The sad part about all of this is: by living in tomorrow I miss the beauty of today.

Waiting, in and of itself, is not a bad thing. In fact it is a wonderful thing that is constantly praised throughout scripture.

“For since the beginning of the world men have not heard nor perceived by the ear, nor has the eye seen any God besides You, who acts for the one who waits for Him.”
Isaiah 64:4

What we really need is to learn how to wait in a manner that pleases God.

This is something that God has been dealing with in my own life and teaching me about. Through these (sometimes hard) lessons I have learned that the kind of waiting that pleases God is the kind that says:

“I’m here. Now. Fully available.”

We can wait expectantly, even excitedly, for what is to come but we just have to make sure that our hopes for tomorrow do not distract us from all that God desires us to experience today. Our first + most important priority is to seek out God’s will for our lives today. Ask Him, “God, what do You have for me today? What do You want to teach me today?”

But also understand this – there is nothing wrong with dreaming. There is nothing wrong with having longings. God simply asks us to submit them to Him. To surrender all of our desires to Him. To loosen our grip on all the dreams we hold so dear in faith… believing that God will withhold no good thing from us.

“For the Lord God is a sun + shield; The Lord will give grace + glory; No good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly.”
Psalm 84:11

“The young lions lack and suffer hunger; But those who seek the Lord shall not lack any good thing.”
Psalm 34:10

Do you and I believe this today? It’s so hard, I know. Right now I’m in the process of surrendering one of my biggest desires to God and it’s just about killing me. I am learning that total surrender to God is only possible when we trust Him fully + completely. Oh, for faith to trust Him more!

[P.S. if you want to read more scripture on waiting read Luke 2:25-35… it’s beautiful.]



  1. writerchick · · Reply

    I love how God uses your writing to encourage me *JUST in time.* I’m learning day by day. His timing is perfect. Amen and Amen again.

    1. Wow… I am SO glad that you are encouraged by my writing… All glory to God =) “His timing is perfect”… Thanks for the reminder. How I needed to read that again!

  2. I agree ENTIRELY. :-D

  3. I’ve spent the year surrendering and submitting. It is hard when you realize that your goals aren’t His. Mostly since you programmed yourself to want certain things.
    Asking God to order my steps and mean it , is the most liberating thing I have done. Jeremiah 29:11 :-)

  4. TheLadyJournal · · Reply

    I so needed to hear this…thank you for writing.:)

    1. Sorry for such a late response but thank YOU for reading! =)

      1. TheLadyJournal · ·

        Thank you!:)

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