Oh it is true that we have a God who SAVES. He is faithful to come to us and dwell with us + in us when we diligently seek Him. I am learning the beauty of abiding in God… Drawing my every breath from Him. One of the most amazing… most liberating… most exhilarating things […]

I am learning who God is. I am learning who I am. I truly believe that there is no better place to be than here. To know God… to truly know Him… is to have life. There is no life apart from Him. None. “for in Him we live and move and have our being…” Acts […]

Okay, I’m really going to have to dig deep to find my words on this one. {LOVE} I’m always there to lend a listening ear when friends are struggling with their hearts + affections but I am very often tight-lipped when it comes to talking about my own. And rightly so, for the heart is […]

I have never been more comfortable and okay with myself as I am right now. In the past few weeks some of my greatest chains + insecurities have been broken. It is the most liberating thing ever to know that I’m okay. To be in a room and not be constantly wondering what people are […]

Ahhh, today was a long day. I ended up taking a 3 hour nap this evening because I was just so pooped. I haven’t taken a nap in so long… I forgot how awesome they are! I had little Miss Kylee with me this morning. I love watching her. I totally feel like she’s my […]